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EVE Online EVEHQ Addon


EveHQ is an extensible character application for use in conjunction with Eve-Online. Initially starting out as a character monitor and skill planner, EveHQ adopted a plug-in system where additional modules could be created independently of the main application which would extend the functionality of the program as a whole.<BR>
Several plug-ins are available in addition to the wealth of features already provided in the Core. More details on the specific plug-ins can be found on the Overview and Features pages.<BR>
EveHQ is also a fully open-source application and the code for the Core and Plug-ins is available for download. This will enable you to write your own features and plug-ins specifically for use with EveHQ, or contribute to the main development project.<BR>
Anyone interested in the development side of EveHQ should start on our Development page to learn how to get involved.